East Coast Spreaders
Tuffass Machinery

East Coast Spreaders is now TUFFASS Machinery.

While the name has changed, the products haven't - we still have a wide range of the very best machinery, for whatever you need to spread.

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Mulching Row Spreaders

Our range of mulching row spreaders are side delivery spreaders ideal for vineyards and orchards, including for macadamia and avocados. Designed to easily fit down narrow rows, TUFFASS row spreaders allow the delivery of material directly where it is needed along the treeline.

Side Delivery Mulching
Spreading Product
compost, manure, lime, fertiliser, mulch

Compost, Millmud & Manure

Broadacre spreading with rear delivery on spreading discs, designed to spread compost and volume products.

spinning disc
Spreading Product
granular fertiliser, seed

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