PNX 500

A 3-point linkage pendulum spreader featuring a 500kg capacity marine grade stainless steel hopper. Up to 16m spreading width.

Capacity 500kg / 480L

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Type Three Point Linkage
Action Pendulum
Spreading Product granular fertiliser, seed
Operating Requirements minimum 30 HP


The PNX 500 is a general purpose pendulum spreader, featuring a 500L capacity stainless steel hopper. It is designed for smaller tractors and farms.

The stainless steel pendulum action allows seed and granular fertiliser to be spread accurately for a range of uses. Can be fitted with a hydraulic off and on.

The PNX 500 can also be fitted with a single-side stainless steel pendulum. This allows material to be spread along orchards, rows, and tree-lines.

The PNX 500 is a smaller spreader for lighter tractors, effective for many general granular spreading uses.

Pendulum spreaders are perfect for situations where you need to deliver granular material accurately and consistently.