A double sided air blast sprayer specially designed and tested for macadamia, avocado and any other tall plantations. 1000 - 5500L capacity.

Capacity 1000L 2000L 3000L 4000L 5500L

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Type Trailing
Action Air Blast / Turbine
Application Single Fan, Double Sided
Operating Requirements minimum 75 HP


The Breva is a double sided single fan orchard sprayer featuring a custom built tower conveyor.

The unique orchard tower was designed in collaboration with growers. It provides thorough coverage into large, dense tree crops such as avocado and macadamias. Growers tell us that the Breva has consistently worked across a range of orchards with varying tree species, ages and types of terrain.

The tower features hydraulic adjustment to allow the spray to be continually adjusted to suit the terrain and trees. This can be done from the cab, and makes it easy to fine-tune spray delivery as needed. The result is that the Breva is more efficient and more effective than simple "fixed" models on the market.

The Breva comes with a 220 L/m brass pump as standard. A brass controller allows the Breva to run at higher pressure without compromising durability.

The Breva is designed to be stable and reliable, even with a full load. This is helped by a wide wheel base and galvanised steel frame. The total emptying poly tank makes spraying efficient, and cleaning easier and safer.

Other features include:

  • A full European safety upgrade, including hand wash tank
  • A chemical vacuum pump to prevent spills or injury lifting heavy chemicals.
  • A three-way circuit cleaning tank to quickly and easily clear any blockages or excess spray solution.

The Breva is available from 1000L to 5500L models. It can be fitted with optional accessories including computer controls, brakes, or a steering draw bar.

Optional Extras

  • 1000L - 5500L Capacity
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Computer controls
  • Wide angle drive shaft
  • Fan leaf guard

The unique tower design and high capacity makes the Breva perfect for tall, dense crops like avocado and macadamia orchards.

The spray height and penetration makes it particularly effective for insect control in tall trees, improving both yield and quality.