M60 Super Vertical Beater

Built to work hard, the M60 Super is a heavy duty, low profile spreader capable of spreading any type of litter material, including wheat straw, both inside a shed and outside.

Capacity 7m3

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Type Trailing
Action Rear Vertical Beaters
Spreading Product compost, manure
Operating Requirements 40 - 90 HP


The M60 Super is a durable, value for money vertical beater spreader. It is capable of spreading almost any kind of material.

The heavy duty floor chains feed into the heavy duty 10mm roller beaters featuring bottom spreading plates. These plates ensure better spreading of fine material like chicken litter, lime and gypsum. This lets the M60 Super spread many types of heavy material wet or dry. This includes organic matter, hay, mulch, compost and cane mill mud. The rear beaters break up the material as it feeds, and broadcasts it from the rear of the machine. With heavy duty gearboxes as standard, the M60 Super is built to work hard yet require minimal horsepower to operate.

The M60 Super is available from 5m3 to 12m3.

Standard features include floatation tires, road lights, hydraulic rear door, and heavy duty gearbox to drive the floor chains. The M-series are manufactured in Italy, making them both affordable and build to high quality standards.

The M60 Super is suited to a range of uses. This includes spreading manure from dairy and pig farms, use on broad acre crops, plus sugar cane and tea tree operations.

Optional Extras

  • Hydraulic brakes

The vertical rear beaters of the M60 Super make it a very effective machine to spread clumpy material like compost or manure for broadacre use.

It is particularly useful for dairy farms looking to make use of heavy feed lot manure, whether wet or dry.