Our entry-level poultry litter conditioner for litter up to 200mm, including shavings, rice hulls, sawdust and chips

Capacity 1300mm 1700mm

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Type Three Point Linkage
Application woodshaving, rice husk, chopped straw
Operating Requirements minimum 28 - 35 HP


The TUFFASS FL4 is a poultry litter conditioner specially designed for use for chicken litter.

TUFFASS litter conditions are the only machine designed from scratch to process poultry litter successfully. The design has been improved from over a decade of use in European chicken operations. This includes a range of patented features to ensure maximum effectiveness. These include a floor scraper blade designed to ensure every layer is lifted from the floor and treated. Secondary breakers help ensure the treated product is fully aerated and broken up.

Available in three sizes - 1100mm, 1300mm and 1700mm - the FL4 can process litter to 200mm depth. It can be used during the entire growing cycle to process a variety of bedding and litter materials. This includes shavings, rice hulls, sawdust, chips and prepared wheat straw.

Well maintained litter has a number of practical benefits. It improves conditions for the birds, and can reduce mortality rates. Well maintained litter can increase feed conversion rates and allows producing more than one batch (multi-batching) on the same litter safely and profitably. Australian growers find this produces huge savings every year, improves quality and yield, and reduces dust and smells.

The RSPCA Animal Farming Scheme standards introduced in May 2014 specifically discuss the importance of well maintained litter for the health and wellbeing of poultry. The range of litter conditioners from TUFFASS are your best tool to put this into practice.

Designed and patented in Italy with over 10 years of practical experience with growers. Over 10,000 units have been sold globally.

Optional Extras

  • Wide angle drive shaft