Sugar King 200

Super heavy duty mill mud spreader designed by us for the sugar industry. Delivers to 2 or 3 rows at once with adjustable delivery width from 300mm to 2m each side.

Capacity approx. 20m3

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Type Trailing
Action Single, Double, and Centre Drop
Spreading Product mill run mud, mill ash, manure, compost
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The Sugar King 200 is a super heavy-duty spreader ideal for spreading mill run (mill mud), mill ash, plus manure or compost in 2 or 3 rows at once. Designed by us specifically for the Australian sugar industry, these machines have been used for over 10 years and are now sold across the world. Many years of close research with the QLD sugar industry means this machine just keeps getting better and better.

The twin delivery belts can deliver to one side, both sides, or centre drop onto three beds including the centre. With adjustable widths, they can be adjusted to deliver from 300mm to 2m on either side. Retracting the belts brings the machine back to 2.5m width to be legal for road use. With a separate control valve, the lateral belts can also be configured to deliver different speeds. All hydraulics are run from the tractor, but machines can be supplied with an optional self-contained hydraulic system.

The heaviest duty 16mm marine floor chains are fitted as standard, powered by twin gearbox drives. This makes the machine well suited to the delivery of heavy mill run / mill mud. The chain can be run in both directions, making it easy if something needs to be backed off the heavy-duty agitator. This is extremely useful when combined with the optional rear opening door.

Tandem wheels and leaf spring suspension with 36-tonne capacity, 4-wheel braking, and rear steering axle makes them excellent to tow and manoeuvre on tight headlands. The balanced suspension (walking beam suspension) makes the Sugar King safer to use near grain and gullies without putting too much load on the tractor.

Optional Extras

  • Optional rear opening door
  • Optional self contained hydraulic system
  • Optional weight cells for calibrated rate of delivery

Designed specifically for the Australian sugar industry in collaboration with QLD growers, the Sugar King 200 is now sold worldwide.

The heavy duty construction and large capacity makes it perfect for making use of sugar mill run, mill mud and mill ash directly on sugarcane paddocks.