TUFFASS Renfrut is a side delivery manure and compost spreader, designed for spreading material directly under the tree or vines. Its 1.1mt narrow body makes it ideal for vineyards macadamia and avocado orchards and any line crop. Made of heavy duty material to suit Aussie conditions.

Capacity 4m3 5m3

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Type Trailing
Action Side Delivery Mulching
Spreading Product compost, manure, lime
Operating Requirements Minimum 45 HP


The Renfrut is a durable side delivery row spreader. The narrow body is designed for vineyard, crop beds and orchard spreading. The heavy duty galvanised steel body is tough, and resists corrosion. The Renfrut is well suited to Aussie conditions.

A heavy duty chain floor feeds material to a heavy duty spreading mechanism, and then into a side delivery system. Features a hydraulic front control door to provide accurate calibration of delivery rate.

The side delivery system can be adjusted, and can deliver efficiently to the root zone up to 5m under the tree line. This makes the Renfrut perfect for spreading manures and composts for soil improvement, or water management.

The Renfrut is available in a range of sizes for different types of operation. Brakes are also available, and can be fitted.

The Renfrut is a durable orchard spreader, comes with a 12 month warranty, and we stock a range of spare parts.

Optional Extras

  • 4m3or 5m3 Capacity
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Road lights


Photo of Colin Benbow
Colin Benbow Macadamia Grower

“ It's a capable and affordable machine that every orchard owner can afford. ”

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