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Woodchippers Australia is now TUFFASS Machinery.

While the name has changed, the products haven't – we still have a wide range of the very best machinery, for whatever you need to chip.

Check out our full range below.

Heavy Duty Orchard Mulchers

Heavy duty mulchers and flail mowers designed for orchard and vineyard use, featuring hammer and Y-blade models. Featuring double thickness construction, 5-belt drive system through a 120HP gearbox, and internal breaking combs to ensure mulch is fine and uniform.

mulcher / flail mower

Heavy Duty Pasture & Stubble Mulchers

Heavy duty mulchers and flail mowers featuring Y-blades or patented T-hammers are ideal for processing pasture and crop stuble. Featuring a 5-belt drive system and optional hydraulic rear door opening.

mulcher / flail mower

Farm Forestry Logging Winches

Designed for farm foresters to harvest logs with standard tractors, without requiring specialised harvesters or forwarders.

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