CH 160

A 160mm (6") PTO driven woodchipper designed for farm and forestry use. Hydraulic or manual infeed available.

Capacity 160mm (6")

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Type Three Point Linkage
Action Manual or Hydraulic Infeed
Operating Requirements 25HP and above


The CH160 is a mid-size PTO driven woodchipper, designed to chip Australian timber and prunings up to 160mm (6") in diameter. The CH160 requires low horsepower to operate from 25HP and above.

All TUFFASS Machinery chippers are heavy duty forestry grade construction, and are specially designed to ensure small, uniform chips suitable for as mulch.

The CH160 can easily chip orchard prunings both green and seasoned. Breakers on the disc help to ensure small pieces are processed fully, preventing blockages.

Available as either a manual or hydraulic infeed chute, the hydraulic chute can easily feed heavy prunings such as limbs and branches. The reinforced hydraulic rollers can feed in both forward and reverse, and include a swing open chute for easy storage and maintenance.

Featuring safety equipment including emergency shutoff bar, the CH160 is perfectly suited to both small cleanup jobs after storms, and large scale pruning or tree removal work.

An adjustable exit chute also allows you to ensure the chip goes exactly where you need it - whether that be into a trailer or spreader, or directly under rows of trees as you work.

Optional Extras

  • Hydraulic infeed chute

TUFFASS Machinery woodchippers are especially suited to process orchard prunings and heavy hardwood into small, uniform chip suitable for use as mulch.

They are ideally suited for use with Macadamias, Avocados, and other tree crops requiring frequent pruning and soil care.