AGRI Economy Air Blast Atomiser Sprayer

Available in a range of sizes, the TUFFASS AGRI Economy is a trailed airblast atomiser sprayer featuring a total emptying poly tank, quality Italian pump, double brass anti-drip nozzles, galvanised steel frame, heavy duty gearbox, and a raft of other features designed to make your spraying efficient and safe.


AGRI 1000 AGRI 2000
Capacity 1000 L 2000 L
Power 55-65 HP 70-80 HP
Fan Diameter 800mm 800mm
Spray Width 6-7m 6-7m
Spray Height 5-6m 5-6m
Width 1200mm 1400mm
Length 3300mm 3800mm
Height 1220mm 1300mm
Weight 500kg 650kg


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The TUFFASS AGRI Economy Air Blast atomiser sprayer is a robust and reliable trailed sprayer suitable for the fine distribution of all kinds of sprays.

Featuring a total emptying poly tank and a galvanised steel frame, the TUFFASS AGRI is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 600 L up to 3000 L.

A two speed heavy duty gearbox drives a fan with high performance propeller pitch blades, designed to ensure consistent pressure and delivery rates through double brass anti-drip nozzles. A quality Italian made pump delivers 100 LPM at 50 bar on the 1000 L model, with 120 LPM at 50 bar on the 2000 L model. A hydraulic agitator ensures the constant mixing of the spray solution in the tank.

All models feature a remote pressure regulator and distribution.

Not only does the TUFFASS AGRI work hard, but also includes features to make your life easier - including filtered, outside suction automatic tank filler, and a tank for safely cleaning your hands after filling.

The TUFFASS AGRI also features a circuit flush tank, allowing you to quickly and easily clear any blockages or excess spray solution.

A variety of optional extras are available, including a vortex chemical suction filler, higher volume fans, upgrades to Catterin brass pumps and special conveyors for specialist applications.

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